Get Your Web from Weber

Lots of people can create web sites. And lots of people do.

There are sites designed by programmers which can accomplish amazing feats, but which require a PhD to understand.

Web pageThere are sites designed by graphic designers which amaze and impress, but don't give the user the information he came to the site to find.

And there are information-rich sites designed by usability experts, but which lack visual appeal.

At Weber Digital Media, we understand the web is many things at once. It is useful and easy to find information. It is remarkable interactive programming. It is professional looking sites that inspire confidence. We combine the technical and the creative to create sites that combine all the aspects of the web.


CDWeber Digital Media specializes in Multimedia Presentations on CD-ROM and Enhanced CD. ROMs impress customers, and can carry an incredible amount of information.


Weber Digital Media offers coding in many different languages and for many different types of systems. Contact us today for more information.

Audio Services

Audio waveformFrom location recording to digital mastering, Weber Digital Media offers 20 years experience in audio engineering.